Introsign is an online tool designed to make the management and registration process of an introduction week easy!

With Introsign you communicate effortlessly with thousands of students while keeping an overview of the event data in a handy application.


With Introsign you communicate effortlessly with a large audience about the event.

All communications with the participants, such as event invitations and reminders, can be customised and send by a push of a button.

Collect information

Introsign makes collecting information about the participants easy.

Build your own registration form with questions, for example, about the participants health or dietary wishes, the need for a bed in the dorms or their participation to the final party.

Make online payments

Introsign works together with online payment providers that enable payments via iDeal, Paypal and credit cards.

Keep an overview

Good overview of the participants and their registration status is vital when dealing with large groups of people.

In Introsign the participant data can be imported from existing databases via an excel-file and monitored closely when needed.

Manage student groups

Introsign is an unmissable tool in dividing the registered participants into groups.

The groups can be divided according to variables, such as nationality, study programme, age or gender.

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